herewith some of my favour song I like. may be u can found my footprint here ... (updated on 3 Mar 03)
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一個非常遙遠的地方, 那裡有著一切最美我人和事, 白雪一樣的雲, 七彩繽紛的彩虹, 寧靜而充滿快樂的地方.

住在那裡的人, 每一個也帶有一棵善良的心, 並穿上雪一樣的白色長袍, 頭頂上還帶有一樣古怪的東西. 他們每一個的面容也充滿了喜悅, 無憂無慮地生活. 唉 ... 差點忘記了說那是什麼地方. 那裡生活的人叫它做"天堂", 而在天堂生活的, 當然就是小天使 .........

* There are many fragile group in the world, espectially many of children. Do you want to give them your hand ... here has some information for anyone who are concern them ....

* This is the 2nd edition of my personal website. I am glad that I have time to made it and wishing I can keeping to update my webside. In fact, I think my website is not very good but I will try my best to do it. Hay, don't forgotten to drop a line my guest book before leave with thanks.

* Is a good news for me, I got a new job and will be staring form next monday - 18 Oct 2002.

this poems is to remember one of my friend, because this is her farour....

I would like to share some beautiful photoswith you and the title is sea and island. Sea - give ma a feeling of freedom; Island - let me remember Lamma Island where are the tranquil place. When I was small, I was living in Lamma Island. I like Lamma Island, this silence envorinment to let me into the great universe. I wishing you will enjoy the photo!

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