2003 - 3 Mar 03
this is my first time updated my homepage in 2003. I did not updated my homepage a long time, that is my lazy rather than my busy. In this few month of the 2003, nothing special. The most special thing is my one friend back to HK. She had been UK over 4 years. Back to my memory, I was supported her went to UK. In fact, I am happy I can see her in HK again, however, this is not a good news for her. If she is good in UK, she does not back to HK. I wishing she will be better and better ...
dairy - 28 Nov 2002

nothing special, still busy and bored. may be no news is good news ... eee! however, is better then before in my work. because I feel smoothly and my colleague are good for me. look sound helpful and live together amicably. wishing keep this going!


old friend? - 26 Oct 2002

I had been gathering with my old friends yesterday, but I'm not feeling good and enjoy it. We kenw each more than ten years but we haven't contact more than two year, except one. I have feeling they are like the stranger and some of hypocritical show of friendship.

In fact, there some rumour and event had been arisen before ... umm ... nothing to say ... may be I not a good actor.

new job - 18 Oct 2002

I got the new job and will staring from next month. In the past one year, I am not very stable and I don't what is my way. I try my best to find out my future. I know, I am behind by work, but I am not a mad in work. In my philosophy "to live for fun" and for me more then enough is best. So, I have a plan in future and wishing I will succeed in.

basic law number #23. - 18 Oct 2002
There are many discussion in the society of the basic law numer #23. In fact, I am concern the legislation of the rule. Since 1997 I think the HKSAR is not enough time to consult public. I haven't intention discuss the rule here. Just want goint to some joke here.
May be I will against the law in HKSAR, when the basic law number #23 were pass.


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