| my life style |

Some of my friend give me some comment are: "lounge - 吊兒郎當, to live for fun - 遊戲人間". Yes, I am. It is very simple of my living philosophy - happiness ..... for my self, my family, my friend and everybody I treasure. I am willingness to do more to let each other happy.

In fact, I am not a person have great heart for my occoupation, but that's not means I not treasure my job. I enjoy working and I get satisfication in my work. Actually, for me more then enought is ok. Most important is enjoy my life and make my life rich. It is wonderful, when I were old and retrun back for go through all thing I did. There are one or two think, I were feel is valuable and have a clear conscience for my lift.

Hay! I have a devient thoutht, each one going the world are similar - birth, study, dating, working, get marriage, pay mortgage and death.I think life is not only above mansion and I would like to have my own way and want to more then this.

| my family |

Family is my top priority in my life. I aslo think: "no matter where you go - you work, you study and etc., at the end you should back to home." So warm!

There are nothing relationship is closed than the kinsmanship. I think, I am lucky. Now, my relationship with my family is good in now. I very treasure my mon and my family. No matter how my family were experienced a lot of difficulties. Luckly, all were pass through and let me have harmony. I know my mon are took many many efford. I love my mon. She pardon all of my fault. She took all the responsibility of the family as well as her unreserved love, support and concern.

| my friend in Portsmouth |
Herewith a photo who are my friend living in City of Portsmouth. When I was study in University of Portsmouth, UK, they gave many support to me. I am very thank you for their sincere and warm concern. especially for my landlday - Bing and her son Man Man, Ho Ming and his family. I feel very warm and the hospitality form all of them. In fact, I enjoy the living style in the smaller town - portsmouth. It is give me a tranquil environment and simple livelihood.
| my sponsored child |

I have to take participate in the sponsored child program by World Vision. My sponsored child is called Sha Ya Dong and he is four years old. His live with his father and monther in the poverty-stricken regions in Ningxia. His father is a farmer and their income are not enough to support their family. Because the arable land are very poor, the dirt farmer also is a poor peasant. Their staple food are wheat, rice, maize and potato. Ar Dong is not in school, because he is under age. Now he has 102 cm height, 14 kg weight and a fair health status.

This is a child-focused program, which can help provide the needy child with basic medical care, safe water, adequate nutrition and education. It also helps improve the economic conditions of the child's family and the environment of the wider community, enabling the child to lead a healthy life. In 1999, World Vision served over 1,290,540 children around the world in conjunction with this program.

If you are willingness to assume the responsibility of the needy children. Don't hesitate free to contact World Vision to know more information.



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